Pippa Burfield
Expedition Planning Manager

In a nutshell what does your job entail?

I aim to ensure our young challengers experience an awe-inspiring range of community project work, trekking and cultural adventure during their expeditions. I do this by creating safe and exciting itineraries using my personal travel experience and by liaising with in-country agents, building and maintaining supplier networks, negotiating costs and ensuring standards are met. I plan expeditions within set budgets and to strict safety standards. I also brief our expedition leaders to help set expectations for their time in-country so that they can provide appropriate safety support and guidance to our teams when they are on expedition.

Name three things in life that make you smile (work and personal)?

Nature, adventure and coffee (preferably all at the same time)

Why do you think TUI/World Challenge is ‘good value’ to you?


  • Fun industry and a great working environment. Everyone is passionate about the product and works together to bring about results
  • WCE offers great opportunities to dip your toe into all departments and gain experience in other areas to your own. Cross departmental movement is supported and the opportunity to up skill on weekend courses, internal training etc. is offered.
  • Amazing to be able leave work every day and feel good about what you are doing. We help connect communities from all walks of life and from all around the world. We help open teenagers’ eyes to the ‘real’ world and encourage growth in tolerance and understanding. What could add more value than that?