Kenya Fam Trip and Just a Drop School Visit

Our Hayes & Jarvis Marketing team have just returned from Kenya.  They all said it was the most amazing, awe inspiring and moving trip they have ever been on.   Some fantastic sights and experiences were shared … where to begin?  The visit to the school where H&J supported our latest Just a Drop water project, a leopard sighting on their first game drive, awesome views of Mount Kilimanjaro with elephants crossing in front, a fun beach party at Baobab Beach Resort where the team roped in waiters and security staff to help them spell out Kenya with their bodies lying on the sand! A balloon safari over the Masai Mara and so much more.   This is what travel is all about, getting the chance to experience a new destination and to share your experiences and photos when you return as well as dispel myths about a destination.

Hayes and Jarvis has a long history of selling Kenya as it was the first destination that the company ever sold back in 1952  and despite recent restrictions on certain parts of the coastal region, it still remains a fantastic destination to visit and experience arguably some of the best game viewing in the whole of Africa. As well as the finest hospitality from the Kenyan people who certainly know how to look after clients’ with their famous trademark smiles always on show.