Meet our placements

Lucy, Hollie and Becky have answered a few questions to give you an idea about what you’ll get up to and gain from doing your placement year at TUI.

Please introduce yourselves

Hi, I’m Lucy. I am a Trading Assistant in the Cruise Department responsible for trading our Summer 17 season. This involves analysing sales on a daily basis and making appropriate price adjustments where necessary.

Hi, I’m Becky. I am a Product Assistant looking after Greece and Malta. This involves ensuring content is correct for all my areas, doing the initial pricing of hotels and focusing on future strategy for these resorts.

Hi, I’m Mollie and I’m working in the Product department for my placement. I’m in the short-haul team and look after Portugal, Lapland and Menorca.

What’s the culture like at TUI?

Lucy: Everyone at TUI is really friendly and it’s genuinely a great place to work. It’s also a really social office and there’s always events going on from after work drinks to team nights out. Most departments usually go on an annual conference too, with Trading and Product going to Rhodes this year and the Cruiplacements-work-perksse team going to Malaga. These are a great opportunity to get to know your whole team a bit better and also learn more about the company as a whole with presentations from different areas of the business.

What do you do on a daily basis?

Lucy: As a trader I have some daily tasks that I complete, such as updating our spread sheets with the previous day’s sales and analysing sales to see where we could improve volume or margin. I also have rota tasks to complete such as sending out communications to retail or taking minutes in our weekly meetings. There are also wider cruise team tasks which I help out with alongside the product team, such as preparing and checking offers to go out to third party agents.

As placements  we undertake a number of big projects throughout the year which have to be managed alongside your daily tasks, for example we just ran a charity quiz night raising over £1500 for TUI’s charity – the Family Holiday Association (FHA). No two days are the same and there’s a really good range of tasks to work on.

Mollie: Every day is different in product but that’s what makes it interesting. We can be doing anything from pricing our resort, updating hotel content or working on our strategy.

How does working life compare to university?

Becky: At first it’s a bit of a shock to the system having to get up and be at work for 9am, but we all soon acclimatised! It’s really nice knowing that when you have time off you can actually enjoy it, rather than revising for exams or doing assignments. We still get plenty of opportunities to go out and have a good time and with TUI being such a social company you’re never short of people to go out with. Obviously university is great but it’s really nice to be earning and have the money to go and do fun activities with the other placement students… without having to wait for the student loan first!

How much responsibility are you given?

Becky: I have been given so much responsibility since I joined the product department within the Greece and Malta team. It’s really nice to be treated the same as my colleagues rather than as the ‘placement student’. As such, I’m given tasks with real value that have a huge influence on the decisions we make in those areas.

Lucy: Overall you are given a lot of responsibility in the role. For me, working in trading, this starts with being responsible for your season/resorts. With the support of your manager you are directly responsible for the performance of these. . We also have a responsibility to communicate appropriate deals out to our distribution teams in order to enhance our sales as best we can. , We also have to work together as a placement team on a number of projects, completing the various tasks to the best of your ability requires good time management skills

What did you most enjoy about your role?

Becky: I really enjoy that I’m not doing the same thing every day in Product. We work in a cycle which means I’m never doing the same task for too long. Planning for future seasons has been a particularly exciting task.

Lucy: I think one of the best parts of a role in trading is being able to see the impact that the actions you take have on the success of sales on a daily basis. Also working in the Cruise team is really enjoyable as it’s essentially its own little business so you can be a lot more aware of what’s going on, and everyone works really closely together to achieve our overall success.

Mollie: Being able to see the impact you can have on customers nearly instantly by making changes and decisions about your hotels and resorts is rewarding. For example, adding a new hotel to the programme and seeing that customers have actually chosen to stay there!

What has been your biggest challenge?

Becky: I’d say my biggest challenge has been managing my time and keeping to deadlines, especially in busy periods. Saying that, everyone in Product has a one team mentality and supports each other when needed which really eases the pressure.

Lucy: I’d say the biggest challenge initially is adapting to the company language whist still trying to learn the role. Everyone uses a lot of abbreviations and jargon which means there’s initially a lot to learn simply to get used to what everyone is saying before you can start to understand the role properly.

Mollie: Building up my confidence when making commercial decisions. The longer I’m here the easier it’s getting.

What was the application process like?

Mollie: The application process was very much like other companies. First there’s an initial application with a few questions, then online tests, a phone interview and finally an assessment centre at Head Office.

What advice would you give to someone applying for your role?

All: Make sure you feel really prepared with a good knowledge of not just TUI, but the wider industry. Don’t worry, they’re not expecting you to know everything already but want to see you’re willing to learn, so show your enthusiasm for the role. Good Luck!