Petra Karamako 

Flotilla Host, Dubrovnik, Croatia


When did you start working with Sunsail?


I started working with Sunsail in April 2013.

What is your average day on a Flotilla like?


Over coffee in the morning I prepare everything for the daily briefing, checking the weather forecast with the Skipper and preparing menus if there is a group meal in the evening. After the briefing, I check that the guests have everything they need and collect menus before we set off. We wait for all the guests to leave the port, before we go as well. Usually, time spent travelling is our free time, so we can take a nap, cook, sunbathe or have a swim while we wait for the Flotilla. We arrive first, and when the guests arrive I point out the restaurant and any shops, bakeries and ATMs in the area. At the restaurant I welcome the guests and we all enjoy the evening together with good food and wine.

What’s the best part of your job?


Meeting new people! In the two seasons I’ve done I have met a lot of people, and some of them have become my friends and we’re still in contact over Facebook or email. I love the lifestyle (enjoying the sun for six months on a yacht!) and improving as a person and expanding my horizons.

Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to Dubrovnik go?


Visit stunning Dubrovnik’s old town and take a walk on the city walls. But after that, take a boat and visit the small island of Lokrum, a special reserve of forest under the protection of UNESCO, and enjoy the view of the Dubrovnik city walls from the waterside.

Your favourite place in Croatia?


My favourite place is the village of Polače on Mljet Island, part of a national park. There, I have become friends with many people that I work with and they definitely make me and my guests feel welcome when we arrive. It’s a typical Mediterranean village, but it has a certain magic and it feels like home to me.