Andrew Perry

Overseas Activity Manager


When did you start and how long have you worked for JCA?

I started working for JCA back in January 2012 and am working my 4th Summer season.

In what role did you start and what have you done up to now?

I started as an apprentice working for my activity leadership level 2.

Since then I have worked on the overseas team in Menorca, I have worked as an activities instructor, trainer,  activities coordinator and in my current role as an activities manager

What made you choose JCA to work for and what’s the best thing about working for TUI Group?

I choose JCA has when I came back from travelling and wanted to look for a career in outdoor education jobs. The market is full of companies and I had very little experience in the area. I saw that JCA offered an apprenticeship scheme and full in house training.  Since working for the company I have gained many more qualifications that previously thought I would ever get. As JCA are part of the TUI Group it offers the opportunity to work with wonderful people from all over the world.

What is your highlight of your JCA Career so far?

It’s difficult to highlight just one thing when working for JCA.  There are so many things that I am so proud to accomplish, from completing my lifeguarding course, to passing my European Ropes Course Association (ERCA).  Also being trainer and coaching team members and seeing them put it into practice and getting the results and smiles of customers faces.