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Meet Laura

Meet Laura – First Officer

laura-1I first decided I wanted to be a pilot when i was about 15. My mum works in aviation and we used to go on the BA Shuttle from Glasgow to London several times a year to visit family.  As a child I used to love going up to the flight deck mid flight (in the days when you were allowed to) and so my interest and fascination grew from there.  I had my first flying lesson as an 18th  birthday present and after that I was hooked.  After I had graduated from university, I had a few more flying lessons (just to make sure that I loved it) and then applied to go to flying school.  I started at Oxford Aviation Academy in 2010 on their integrated First Officer training course. It took 18 months altogether and I had the time of my life there. Then came the most difficult part – getting a job!

My first job was at Ryanair and I started there in 2012. I was based in Milan, Barcelona and then Manchester which was all great experience, before joining Thomson in April 2015.  I am on the 737 at the moment but one of the great things about Thomson is the opportunity to move fleets and join the long haul operation.  I love the variety of flying on the 737 though, especially being based in Manchester as the routes are so varied.  From the Canaries and Greek islands in the summer to the ski and Santa flights in the winter – it never gets boring.  I love going to work and seeing the sunrise over the Alps, it really is an unbeatable office view!

laura-2Being a girl in the flight deck I am very much in the minority, however in my experience it makes no difference to the job and I am treated the same as everyone else. I have flown with a few female captains throughout my career and it’s great when we fly together as it is a bit more unusual to see.  We get a lot of positive comments too from the passengers which I find really cool. Even the “who’s parking the plane” comments are funny! Overall, I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Meet Cat

Meet Cat

Cat Cousins, Senior First Officer with Thomson Airways took the time to tell us about her career in aviation so far. 

“Since I was a child I have always loved being on airplanes. The best part of going on holiday was the flight, I didn’t even mind coming home as it meant getting to go on an airplane again.

No one in my family is involved in aviation so it wasn’t a career path that evolved naturally for me. My all-girls school was pretty traditional, directing us towards more conventional career paths. I began a four-year teaching degree specialising in Technology and Design. Whilst I learnt a lot and enjoyed many aspects of teaching, deep down I knew I wanted to fly.

Having never met a pilot before, I always imagined them to be haughty, intellectual types, how wrong I was! It was luck that I met a very down to earth airline pilot through some friends. He explained what was involved and the various ways to go about the training. I was 20 when I took my first trial flying lesson in a single-engine propeller aircraft in my hometown of Belfast. With a great deal of moral support from my family and friends, I made the decision to make flying my career. It wasn’t a decision that I took lightly as flight training involves a lot of hard work, not to mention a significant amount of debt. But in life nothing worthwhile is ever easy. With trepidation, I approached the bank with my plans and asked for a loan.

Achieving my Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Frozen ATPL) took approximately two years in total, involving various flight tests and theoretical examinations. Initially I attained my Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), which required approximately 50 hours of flying and a flight test. After some essential hour building and study, I then sat exams in 14 theoretical aviation subjects including Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Communications and Navigation to name but a few. Subsequently I achieved my Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL), this flight test requires a more polished skill level than the previous one. The Instrument Rating (IR) is the most challenging flight test for most pilots, the course teaches us to fly in clouds or poor visibility using only our instruments with no reference to outside. This is usually conducted on a more complex, multi-engine propeller aircraft. The final building block was a course in MultiCrew Cooperation (MCC), which after months of flying solo, teaches us to fly cohesively as part of a two-person crew. I won’t deny it was all very hard work but it was rewarding to get closer to achieving my goal of flying an airliner.

After completion of my training, I flew for a few months as an unpaid pilot’s assistant on Air Ambulance flights to gain some experience. Getting called out at 3am to collect a surgical transplant team is one example that sticks in my mind. I was fortunate that the market was quite buoyant and I got my first airline job relatively quickly. Pilots need to complete training for each new aircraft type we fly which takes a number of months. This involves learning about the type specific aircraft systems and practicing flying and emergency procedures in a simulator. My first type rating was on a British Aerospace 146 jet. Over the years I have also been rated on the Embraer 145 and most recently the Boeing 757/767. I’ve been lucky to gain a varied background flying both short and long haul, operating a wide variety of passenger, cargo and VIP flights.
cat-cousins-better-resolutionI joined Thomson in January this year on the Boeing 757/767 fleet. Having flown for a number of airlines previously, my decision to apply to Thomson was mainly down to hearing that it was a great company to work for. So far I am very pleased with my decision. My colleagues are friendly and there is a positive working atmosphere throughout the company. No two days are ever the same in this job and there are always new challenges to keep you on your toes. It’s lovely to have a night stop somewhere sunny like Cape Verde once in a while, especially when it’s winter back home! Flying people on holiday is particularly rewarding, as it was that holiday feeling that made me fall in love with aviation as a child in the first place.”

Thomas Newby – Retail Apprenticeship

Thomas Newby – Retail Apprenticeship

Thomas Newby Apprentice croppedI started my Travel career at college but this gave me no work experience and I knew I wanted to develop my people skills. I did voluntary work experience in my local Thomson shop; and I decided I wanted to learn and work at the same time so I applied for the Apprenticeship instead. Being in a team environment has really helped me build my confidence and personality.

I work in a team of 7 people where we do rely on passing
trade, and so as a team we are currently working as a team to build a repeat customer base. I’m driven to succeed in sales, I research and look for the best deals, so I can offer customers the most competitive option immediately,  I also share this information with colleagues and my region which helps all of us reach our targets.

I ensure I ask customers questions so I understand their requests and can anticipate their needs to sell them the most suitable holiday. I’m attentive, confident and adapt my approach to suit customer’s individual needs. I’m the UK Holiday and Cruise Expert for my branch and I aspire to be a future manager and progress within Retail.

My Travel Apprentice Achievements

In my first 5 months I over achieved my sales targets and I’m in the Top 10 Apprentices for sales nationally an excellent start to my Apprenticeship.  As a company we have are also have our performance measured through mystery shoppers – my average score is 94% which is above my target of 80%, and customers have described me as enthusiastic, knowledgeable, natural, “vivacious” and helpful.

The Apprenticeship has given me knowledge of geography and marketing, I use these skills and the confidence I have developed to help me improve sales. I like to share my findings with my team members, this has helped me to be considered as a strong team player and build a great team ethic amongst us. I regularly post marketing ideas on Facebook and I also go to my old Youth Club and sell group weekends away for stag and hen parties.

I am really enjoying learning and other suppliers have their own training in addition to the apprenticeship which I’ve completed – Disney, Visit Orlando, P&O Cruises, Haven, Butlins and Warner. Completing these in my spare time has proved invaluable, I now know the suppliers well and they presented me with my own unique discount code that I can use for customer discounts. Passing the training has given me “expert” recognition from these external suppliers.

My greatest achievement though has been to build rapport with customers and build my own confidence; this has been a challenge for me in the past. Working in a team and completing so much training has really developed my confidence which has had a massive impact to me working in a very people focussed industry. From this I have been able to join networking teams and keep in touch with valuable suppliers.

I’ve won Regional Apprentice of the Year and passed my driving test too!

I owe my success to the skills I’ve learnt from my Apprenticeship. Especially the Principles of Customer Service assignment which is what has helped me interact and build rapport with customers more confidently. Unit 207 has helped my negotiation skills which made me sell more. It’s difficult to get repeat business in my shop so building immediate rapport and confirming the sale promptly is essential for success.

What has the Thomson Retail Travel Apprenticeship given to me?

For the first time I’m excited about my future and the opportunities ahead of me. I have improved on my Maths skills and I’m now working towards the functional maths skills level 2

I’m hard working and am passionate about what I do, working and completing my Apprenticeship has given me something rewarding in my life.  Delighting customers and really being able to make a difference at work has helped me become positive and enthusiastic for the future.

I’d like to be an Ambassador for the Apprenticeship programme because I am sure there are so many young people who have had similar challenges. With TUI I would explore opportunities to join inductions and recruitment days and be able to be an advocate for the Apprenticeship as I’d really like to share my experiences and encourage others.

What did Thomson Retail say about Thomas:

Thomas is a valuable member of the team; he’s hard working and will do anything to help anybody to ensure that the store is running to its full potential.  We have monthly reviews and whenever there are areas that need focus, Thomas will challenge himself to make marked improvements.

Thomas adopts a “can do” attitude in all areas of the business, he works extra hours at home to complete online training and create posters and other tools that will help him and the shop succeed. He is willing to give up his day off to cover when we are short staffed or if he wants to get involved in extra training.

Thomas is an excellent team member. With the hard work he puts in with his Apprenticeship, he’s always willing to share relevant knowledge with us too. Our team know that they can always call upon Thomas’ knowledge and expertise and consider him a real asset to the team and indeed, the company.

His enthusiasm is infectious. He is driven to succeed and consistently proves himself. He’s a fantastic team player and with his newly found confidence and belief in himself. Thomas will achieve his goals of progressing through to not only shop management but senior management within TUI.

Our New Design Stores

Our New Design Stores

We’re proud to announce that we have just celebrated the opening of our largest Holiday Design Store in the UK and Europe at the Gateshead MetroCentre. The 2,000 square foot store will showcase some our most cutting edge technology on the high street, and is being officially opened by the Newcastle Falcons Rugby team.

The customer experience in store will be enhanced by high definition screens and projections featuring destination and hotel content and boasts many technological transformations including an 84” touch screen interactive map designed to inspire customers before they book their holiday.

Customers in store will be able to view ‘top ten’ lists and live weather information, read reviews and view videos of destinations and hotels. Social media feeds will be streamed onto the screens, with customers encouraged to celebrate their holiday bookings by tweeting to see their name and holiday destination appear on the screen.

The store is zoned with specially designed areas for customers to browse for holidays on their own devices or using interactive screens, they can visit the Advice Bar with a dedicated self-service computer to access reviews as well as destination, excursion and visa information or even book their own holiday – with our knowledgeable Travel Advisors on hand to answer any questions. For a fully immersive booking experience customers sit in booths with relevant holiday images and video content projected on the walls so our that our specially trained Travel Advisors can really bring the resort to life for the customer.

For customers visiting the store in the MetroCentre, the fun-filled opening weekend will include the chance to meet the Newcastle Falcons as well as win a family ticket to see them play. The store will continue the celebrations with our Thomson cabin crew serving afternoon tea for customers who come and visit on Friday, Las Vegas showgirls making an appearance courtesy of Hayes and Jarvis on Saturday and finally a special guest appearance from the MetroCentre’s very own ‘Metro Gnomes’ on Sunday!


Thomson Retail Apprentice

Thomson Retail Apprentice

Take the first step on your career journey and join Thomson Retail as an Apprentice.  Once on board we will help you become a destination expert to recommend and sell holidays and ancillaries to a range of our customers. You will learn to put customers at the heart of our business and constantly ‘go the extra smile’ by creating unforgettable holidays that make us famous for service and create customers for life.

As part of TUI GROUP, the world’s number one integrated tourism business, we continue to build a single customer facing team across our airline, contact centre, overseas and retail service teams that will deliver a consistent, contemporary service to every single customer. Joining us will not only provide opportunities for you to grow your career, but the benefits of being part of an exciting multi-cultural united team.


As a Thomson Retail Apprentice you will learn to create unforgettable holidays for all of our customers with your personality, professionalism and personalised service. Over time, you will understand our customers and adapt your style using information provided to help you find ways to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your growing knowledge will help us collaborate and answer questions for our international colleagues and customers. There will be modern technology to work with so you can discuss, recommend and sell suitable products and services, and promote and assist our customers to self-serve online.

You will inspire and respect your colleagues whilst sharing a great amount of fun. If things do not go quite right, you will grow in confidence to investigate and resolve every question or complaint straight away. You will start to enjoy change and challenges but regardless you will always ‘go the extra smile’. With our support your desire will lead you to achieve your qualification and importantly, your sales and service targets.

In addition to Thomson and First Choice, your scope will steadily grow to include our range of Cruise, UK and other exciting holiday products and with these comes a varied administration role. Finally, you will be guided to handle multiple currencies and comply with the procedures, upkeep and responsibilities of operating your local shop.

Pilots Recruitment

Choose to fly for Thomson Airways and you’ll join the UK’s 3rd largest airline.

Joining Thomson Airways as a Pilot you will provide a safe and enjoyable in flight experience for all our customers. It’s an important part of our culture that we all contribute to ensuring our customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded. We see the journey as very much part of our customer’s holiday, we expect our pilots to embrace the customer focused culture and go the extra smile to ensure our cabin service is the envy of our competitors.

Thomson Airways is the UK’s third largest airline with 61 aircraft operating to over 73 destinations in 20 countries. Thomson Airways was the first airline in the UK to take delivery of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner and has recently embarked on an ambitious five year plan to become the world’s best holiday airline.

Scene Rep

Scene Rep

Being a Scene Rep is the ultimate challenge; we party hard and play hard. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do!  You will be the forefront our brand on a daily basis ensuring our customers have a holiday of a lifetime. You will need to have the ability to think on your feet and a fun, yet responsible attitude, you will be a natural leader who can be both tactful & diplomatic, but most of all be the customer’s best mate whilst they are on holiday. So if you are outgoing, confident, entertaining, bursting with enthusiasm and have plenty of stamina then this job’s for you. So whether you fancy 6 months working abroad or you’re a student and 3 months suits you best and you fit the criteria then we look forward to hearing from you!

We are not currently recruiting for this role. To set up a Job Alert please click here.


Football Coach

Football Coach

Could there be any job better than coaching football in an incredible holiday destination? Here’s where you kick-start a brand new career journey, and your best adventure yet.

As a Football Coach, you’ll create fun, varied training activities for children aged 5-16, following the syllabus outlined as part of our partnership with Masterclass Sports Tours. Your role will involve getting to know the children and their families, and tailoring each course to meet individual requirements. You’ll also need a bit of sales flair to promote your service to our customers. And there’ll be an admin element too, as you’ll record each child’s progress, handle payments and manage stock levels.

Along with at least a Level 2 FA Coaching badge (or equivalent), you’ll have demonstrable football coaching experience. You’ll also be great with people and able to communicate well with all ages, while having a flexible, organised approach. Proven experience of working with children is essential.

As part of our Overseas team, you’ll have access to a range of opportunities with support all the way. You’ll be encouraged to develop your skills so your journey with us can be as long and varied as you want it to be. On your initial seasonal contract, you’ll receive full training, accommodation – as well as flights to and from the UK, health cover and a pension scheme.

We are not currently recruiting for this role. You can set up a Job Alert to be notified when we are recruiting again.

Swimming Instructor

Swimming Instructor

If you’re a qualified swimming instructor with aspirations to travel, this could be the start of a whole new career adventure.

You’ll be in charge of creating tailored swimming lessons for our customers of all ages and abilities. It’ll be as much about fun as about learning, as you deliver an intensive programme of lessons throughout their stay. You’ll also need a bit of sales flair to promote the service you offer to our customers. There will be some admin too – you’ll need to keep records of your customers’ progression, handle payments and monitor stock and equipment.

Alongside your ASA Level 2 swim teaching qualification (or equivalent), you’ll have demonstrable swim-teaching experience, plus a background of working with children. You’ll also have to hold a current National Pool Lifeguard qualification.

On your journey with us, you’ll have access to a range of opportunities with full support. We’ll encourage you to develop your skills so your career can be as long and varied as you want it to be. With your initial seasonal contract, you’ll receive full training, accommodation – as well as flights to and from the UK, health cover and a pension scheme.

We are not currently recruiting for this role. You can set up a Job Alert to be notified when we are recruiting again.

Entertainment Roles

Entertainment Roles

Thomson Sensimar Experience & Activity Host

Make a big difference to our Adults & Couples abroad by delivering a creative activity and experience programme in one of our Sensimar resorts.

As well as building relationships with guests, by day you will organise and host opt-in activities such as French Boules, Shuffleboard and Beach volley. Along with creating experiences which really bring the local area to life, you will be the host of the hotel’s light entertainment and themed evening.

Find out more about the role here.

Thomson & First Choice Family Entertainer

Deliver a fun and high-quality entertainment programme in one of our flagship International Family Concept Hotels, as a Thomson & First Choice Family Entertainer in Summer 2017.

As well as making our guests feel at home by delivering fun and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy, you will also demonstrate your talents be it singing, dancing or comedy.

We are not currently recruiting for this role. You can set up a Job Alert to be notified when we are recruiting again.